RE letter

Religious Education Friends and Family:  

Welcome to the start of our 2020-2021 Religious Education school year! My name is Bridget Dingens and I am the Religious Education Coordinator this year.  I am so happy and very excited to be taking on this role within the parish.  For those of you who may not know, I am currently the Kindergarten teacher at IJP SchooI and I taught in our RE program last year.  I cannot wait to bridge our children together in faith and prayer. 

Classes will begin October 7th! It sure is coming up fast. Registration information has been sent out through email.  If you have not yet received the registration, please email me at You can also register on our parish’s Religious Education webpage.

This year, our religious education program will be conducted 100% remotely.  Classes will be Wednesday evenings at 5:00 pm, and each class will meet face to face (meaning screen to screen) twice during the month.  It will not be the same two Wednesdays for every grade level.  We have to rotate based on teacher-student ratios.  During the weeks you are not meeting with a teacher, independent work will be sent to students.  This independent work will be reflection based and will be discussed at the beginning of live meetings. When designing our RE program, we took into consideration both current online learning and parent feedback.  Meeting twice a month will allow students 2 weeks of self-paced learning in order to accommodate the amount of screen time they are having daily.  

I appreciate all of your support and respect in this transition and change.  Please understand that we have thought long and hard while creating this plan in order to best serve all parties involved. I cannot wait to share in this religious school year with all of you and your children! 

Bridget Dingens
Religious Education Coordinator