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Parish Registration

The button below will allow you to register as new parishioners of Infant Jesus of Prague Parish or it allows you to update our database to current information.

We ask for this information so that we can communicate in a timely manner to all parishioners. Please know that your personal information is not shared to anyone outside of IJP Parish.

You will need to create a new user profile. Once you sign up as a new user, you will receive an email to finish the process. This email will take 1-2 days to generate.


Provided below are some helpful tips for registering: 


Scroll and elect organization in drop down menu: Infant Jesus of Prague Parish. Fill out your information to proceed and click submit. 

An email will be sent to you in 1-2 days that will give you information about how to sign-in to your account and check your information.


Click on the red button above to register or update your account.


Click on "new user".


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