Eucharistic Ministers

The Church has always celebrated and revered the Eucharist. In its early history the members of the Christian community did what Jesus told them to do – they took and ate and drank knowing in faith that this was indeed a sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ.

On January 29, 1973, the instruction Immensae caritatis was issued by Pope Paul VI. With this instruction, the diocesan bishop was given permission to designate lay men and women to distribute the Eucharist as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. It stated that “…this faculty may be used whenever there is no priest, deacon or instituted acolyte present, or when the ordinary minister is prevented from administering Communion because of other pastoral obligations, ill health, or advanced age, or when the number of the faithful is so great that, unless Extraordinary Ministers assist in the distribution, the celebration would be unduly prolonged.”

If you are willing to serve the people of IJP by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ as a Eucharistic Minister please contact