Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration is available every Monday in the church from 9:00AM to 7:00PM.

During this time, the monstrance is placed on top of the tabernacle. Feel free to use the kneelers and seats located right in front of the tabernacle, or to worship from the pews.

What is Eucharistic Adoration?

Adoration is the practice of adoring or worshipping the Holy Eucharist in which the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ is present. It’s an opportunity to slow down and be present with the Lord, while praying, contemplating, and listening closely in the serene silence and intimate lighting of the church. Tradition recommends that a person attend Adoration for one hour, however you are welcome to drop by for a few minutes or to stay longer – the important thing is giving yourself the chance to be present with the presence of our Lord!

Practicing Catholics attend Mass and gain grace from the Eucharist by receiving Holy Communion. For many, this is the only contact that they have with the Eucharist throughout the week. However, the constant presence of the Eucharist in our Church, located in the tabernacle (the adorned box, usually seen in the front and center of the church), ensures that our Lord is always tangibly present, and we always have the option to visit Him to seek comfort, guidance, and strength. People can pray in front of the tabernacle privately at any time.

Adoration is a special time during which the Holy Eucharist is placed in a “monstrance”, which is a special holder that protects the Eucharist while allowing it to be visible through a glass window.

What should I do at Adoration?

There’s no set format to how you pray at Adoration, however there are a number of prayers that have been composed specifically for this type of devotion. It’s up to each individual as to what they want to privately think and talk to our Lord about. It’s also a time to listen to what He is trying to say to you – which can be difficult to do in our busy lives.

Praying and reflecting at Adoration is quite different from other Sacraments and devotionals. It’s a time for quiet contemplation and reflection, and for mostly silent prayer. It’s a wonderful opportunity for followers of Jesus to spend some personal time with our Lord, to build your relationship with him, to strengthen your faith, and to feel his grace, love and presence toward you personally. By the end of your period of Adoration, you will feel the warmth of Jesus’s presence with you, and the peace that it brings.