Director Religious Education

Pat Kahl
708-799-5400 x 221

RE Admin Assistant

Jeannie DiLuia
708-799-5400 x 215

RE Office

1131 Douglas Avenue
Flossmoor, IL  60422


RE Office Hours

Monday - Wednesday  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or by appointment
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM in the office
Wednesday 4:30-7:30 PM in school with RE Classes

RE Class Times

1st - 7th Grade

Wednesdays from 5:15PM - 6:30 PM

8th Grade

Sundays from 8:15AM - 9:25AM
Classes begin
The week of SEPTEMBER 10, 2017

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RE News

Please join us as our parish 8th graders participate in the Rite of Enrollment for Confirmation

at the 9:30AM Mass on Sunday, October 15th

Confirmation is the sacrament of Christian maturity. In receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, the baptized are enriched and strengthened in their witness to Christ. The Spirit comes to us, enabling and empowering us to live as fully initiated members of the Catholic Church and sons and daughters of God who extend the message of Christ to the world.

Please support our parish 8th graders on their continued journey to Confirmation.  You are invited to join these young men and women, their parents and their sponsors at the 9:30AM Mass on Sunday, October 15th, at the Rite of Enrollment.  Continued prayers are greatly appreciated that all recognize the Holy Spirit with them during this time of preparation to receive this sacrament.


Take Home Sunday's Gospel

The Gospel for Sunday, October 15th, reminds us that God invites all of us to his kingdom. How do we respond to this invitation? In theological terms, God has granted us free will to accept or reject salvation. The parable of the wedding feast reminds us that God desires our wholehearted acceptance of his invitation to salvation.

As you gather as a family, discuss what you consider appropriate attire for various occasions. For example, if your family were invited to a neighbor’s barbecue, what would you wear? If you were planning to attend the symphony, what might you wear? If invited to an evening wedding, what might you wear? Discuss how our preparations for an event and our choice of attire indicates the importance and value we place on the occasion. In the Gospel for Sunday, October 15th, Jesus uses this metaphor to talk about the kingdom of heaven. Read Matthew 22:1-14. Discuss why the guest was thrown out of the wedding feast. What does Jesus expect of those who accept his invitation of salvation? What would be the evidence of our conversion to God’s salvation? Pray together as a family that you will respond wholeheartedly to God’s invitation to salvation. Pray together the psalm for Sunday, October 15th, at Psalm 23.





Thank you for your generosity as the collection of shoes for Haiti continues

This is just a very small fraction of the shoes already collected for the children of Haiti this past Wednesday, October 4th.  Your generosity in sharing is A.MA.ZING.  We continue to collect gently used shoes, sandals, gym shoes and/or soccer shoes during Religious Ed through October 18th.  Have your child bring them to class.  We are God’s hands, sharing heart to heart, feet by feet.







It’s time to use our loving hands to help the children and teens of Los Palis, Haiti

HOW: Clear out your closets of your gently used shoes, sandals, gym shoes and/or soccer shoes

WHEN: October 4th through October 18th

WHERE: Bring all shoes to your RE class.  Our 7th graders will stop by your class to pick them up

WHY: We are God’s Hands!







All were welcome at the Mass of the Holy Spirit on Wednesday, September 27th







The children and families of Religious Ed are encouraged to think about ways to lend a hand in service

Welcome back to RE!  At our gathering and blessing prayer service in the church, the students, parents and catechists were asked to consider the work of our hands and how to share our gifts for the benefit of others.






The catechists and staff of Infant Jesus of Prague RE look forward to reflecting God's love to the children







Welcome to 2017-2018 Religious Education at Infant Jesus of Prague!

This year, many exciting faith adventures are being planned for our students and parents!  I hope that your family will enroll in our program and join us as we begin a new year of celebrating and learning about our faith.

This year’s theme is “Busy Hands for God”.  When I was young and came in from playing outside, my mom would always say, “Patty, wash your hands.”  The days my hands were the dirtiest meant that I was the busiest.  Those were the days that I had the most fun.  I think that God smiles on busy hands.  Busy Hands show that we are using our hands to play, work, serve, or celebrate and commit to whatever task is at hand.  I think that when our hands stay too clean or too still, we are busy doing nothing to help others or to work in God’s world.  I pray that this year your family will have BUSY hands praying, volunteering, and participating in our activities this year.


Our 1-7th graders meet on Wednesday Afternoons from 5:15-6:30PM in the School Building.  A schedule is posted on the website with registration information for you.  IF you are a new family or registering a first grader, we invite you to register in person on our registration weekend, August 26-27 after all Masses in the Church Hall or on Monday, August 28th from 5:00PM – 7:00PM in the Church Hall.

Please “Busy Your Hands” by attending our “Walk Your Child To Class Afternoon” on September 13th, beginning at 5:15PM.  There is a Meeting of New Families and First Grade Parents at 5:30PM in the School Cafeteria. 

Our NEW 8th Grade Confirmation Program meets on SUNDAY Mornings from 8:15 – 9:25 with student attendance at the 7:30AM Mass or the 9:30 AM Mass. 8th Graders will no longer be attending class on Wednesday Afternoons.  For more details, please call me at 708-799-4550. A parent/candidate meeting is schedules for Tuesday, September 19th at 7:00PM in church.

We have our Opening Mass on Wednesday, September 27th at 5:30PM.  Again, please join us and show your child by example how to use your hands in prayer and gratitude to our loving God.

Welcome, Blessings, and Joy as we share our Faith,

Pat Kahl, DRE at Infant Jesus of Prague




Registered Parishioner Tuition                                         

One Child                                                                                $200.00                

Two Children                                                                           $250.00                

Three Children (or more)                                                        $280.00                


Non-Parishioner Tuition

One Child                                                                                $325.00                

Two Children                                                                           $440.00                

Three Children (or more)                                                         $550.00                


Book Fees

Book Fee (per child)                                                                 $20.00                                  


Sacramental Fees

First Holy Communion/Reconciliation Fee                               $50.00 (p/child)

Confirmation Fee                                                                      $50.00 (p/child)







RE Schedule 2017 - 2018

Aug 26 - 27   Registration in Church Hall after all Masses

Aug 28          Registration in Church Hall 5PM - 7PM

RE Class Calendar 2017 – 2018

For 1st - 7th Grades Only

Left click on Confirmation Class Schedule for 8th Grade class schedule


Sept 13   RE Class 1 – Parents and Children Gather in Church at 5:15PM

Sept 20   RE Class 2

Sept 27   RE Class 3 - Mass of the Holy Spirit at 5:30PM - All are welcome!

Oct 4       RE Class 4

Oct 11     RE Class 5

Oct 18     RE Class 6

Oct 25     RE Class 7

Nov 1      RE Class 8  All Saints Mass in Church at 5:30PM - All are welcome!

Nov 8      RE Class 9

Nov 15    RE Class 10

Nov 22    No Class - Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 29    RE Class 11

Dec 6      RE Class 12 - Advent Reconciliation in Church 5:20PM Grades 3 - 7

Dec 13    RE Class 13 - Christmas Pizza Party in the School Cafeteria at 6:30PM


Jan 17     RE Class 14

Jan 24     RE Class 15

Jan 31     No Class

Feb 7       RE Class 16

Feb 10     First Reconciliation - 11:00AM in Church

Feb 14     RE Class 17 - Ash Wednesday Mass 5:30PM - All are welcome!

Feb 21     RE Class 18

Feb 28     RE Class 19 - Lent Reconciliation in Church at 5:20PM Grades 2 - 7

Mar 7       RE Class 20

Mar 14     RE Class 21

Mar 21     RE Class 22 – Living Stations in Church at 5:30PM - All are welcome!

Mar 28     No Class - Spring Break

Apr 4       No Class - IJP Spring Break

Apr 11     No Class - Confirmation for 8th Graders at 7:00PM

Apr 18     RE Class 23 

Apr 25     RE Class 24

Apr 29     First Communion - Mass at 1:30PM in Church

May 2      RE Class 26 May Crowning 5:30PM in Church - All are welcome!