Electronic Giving


Infant Jesus of Prague is now using Give Central for our Electronic Giving

Infant Jesus of Prague has joined the more than 200 parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago and is using GiveCentral.org, the preferred provider of the AOC, to accept online donations.

We encourage you to make online donations to Infant Jesus of Prague through GiveCentral. This website accepts credit card, debit card and electronic checking payments. Your personal information is completely secure, and you can make payments when it is easiest for you.

We understand that you probably make other payments electronically. We feel that it is important to offer this convenient option at Infant Jesus of Prague as well. Please visit www.GiveCentral.org and take a couple minutes to set up your donations.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Your support makes our important work possible!


How to sign up for GiveCentral:

1. Go to www.GiveCentral.org and click on the “Sign Up” button.  Or click this LINK TO GIVECENTRAL

2. Begin typing the name of Infant Jesus of Prague or our zip code 60422. Click our parish name when it appears. CAUTION: There is a parish named Divine Infant of Prague! This is NOT our IJP Parish. Be sure to choose Infant Jesus of Prague Parish. Then click "View Events"

3. Check the box next to each “Event” (Events - Sunday Offering, Christmas, Easter, 2nd Collections, etc) to which you want to donate. Enter the frequency, date range and dollar amount for each. Click “Next.”

4. Check the donations you have entered and click “Continue to Payment.”

5. Create your profile. *Only the fields marked with asterisks are required.

6. Enter your credit card or electronic check information. Click “Add Payment Method.”

7. Verify the payment method you wish to use for each event. Click “Finish” to submit your payments.

Please note there is an optional “Dependent” entry field. This is for school donations that are meant to be earmarked for a certain child (i.e. hot lunch, registration, field trips). It is not needed for parish donations.

GiveCentral sends out automatic email notifications when:

  • A payment is made automatically
  • A payment fails for any reason
  • A credit card is going to expire soon (3 notifications ahead of expiration)
  • Anyone makes a change to the donor's account (the donor or an administrator)
  • A payment method is added, changed or deleted


GiveCentral has many options to donate to IJP: weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and one time. If a donor wants to donate TWICE MONTHLY on specific dates (i.e. on the 5th & 20th of the month), they can simply enter the event twice: once repeating monthly on the 5th, the other repeating monthly on the 20th. This allows you to choose any two days of the month that are most convenient for your family’s budgeting. Please note: on initial setup you cannot choose the same event twice. If you want to add a second monthly event, for example Sunday Offering on the 20th, log out of GiveCentral.org, log back in, and then choose “Add Event” to enter the amount and date for your second donation. 

You can return to GiveCentral at any time to make changes to your donations or personal information. Click on the “Login” button on the homepage, then enter your username and password to access your profile.